Managed Virus Protection

Protect your business from all that's out there

Improper virus protection can result in significant data loss, leading to wasted time, resources, and potentially even cripple a business all together. Just imagine what would happen to a company if all its billing records were lost!

Globally, it is estimated there are 300 new viruses each and every day. They can be simple non-active scripts to malicious attacks that cause serious damage to a company's precious data. The threat is real – not having a regimented protection plan or forgetting to update a virus pattern on a desktop or server can lead to huge losses.

What's at risk? All the data that keeps modern businesses running: Accounting information, billing records, customer information, or much more.

Our Managed Virus Protection service offerings include the following tools to protect your business:

  • Setup - Installation and configuration of the antivirus software on each system covered by this plan.
  • Software - One license of the virus protection software for each system covered by this plan.
  • License tracking and renewal - License counts and renewal dates will be monitored by US itek. US itek will renew licenses annually as required by the software manufacturer.
  • 24/7 emergency service - With this service you will be given a three-digit extension number to the emergency service mailbox. This mailbox immediately calls the on-call technician with your message. A call back can be expected generally within 15 minutes of leaving this message. Service is available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Discounted emergency service labor rates - When an emergency occurs that is related to a virus, a technician will be dispatched that day without your having to pay 'Emergancy' rates (1.5 x regular rates)
  • Asset tracking - We track the serial number, specs, location, warranty, service history, etc. of the assets under this plan. Companies that successfully implement a comprehensive asset management program can save up to 35% of their total annual IT budgets. Additionally, should there be a fire, burglary, etc. a report can be generated at no charge for insurance purposes.
  • Error log review - During the onsite visit (MVP Gold Only, error logs are reviewed remotely with MVP Premium), error logs generated by the virus software will be reviewed.
  • Update management - We manage the update process and ensure updates are being pushed to the workstations.
  • 24/7 real-time error log monitoring - We monitor error logs on our antivirus servers using special monitoring software.
  • Automatic call ticket generation - Once an error is detected, a call is automatically generated in our helpdesk system.
  • Automatic tech dispatch - When a call is logged by our system as a result of an error detection, the call is automatically assigned to a tech. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, a tech is dispatched often before you know there is a problem.
  • Virus removal - If a virus does get through, we will clean your network at no charge. This includes removal of the virus but does not include repair to damaged files/programs. This is void if there is a system on the network that is not under our VPP contract as this may leave an open door that we cannot protect.

Safeguard all you've worked for.

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