Care-Free IT:

I would like to bring to your attention the quality and caliber of work that every associate at US itek has consistently provided to Hanes Supply and its subsidiaries over the years. Collectively, everyone has always provided the highest level of professionalism and dedication in handling all aspects of the various services that your company provides.
In particular, Mark Clift, with his very strong Business Acumen, has provided our organization with many solid recommendations to improve our Information Technology infrastructure; also, he has made excellent recommendations on many legal and ethical requirements for how we conduct business. The quality of Mark’s advice has often been such that one would think he was part-owner of Hanes Supply. I cannot think of a single situation where he could possibly have done more to provide us with better service.
Your engineering staff all strive to ensure the satisfaction of our associates; they do not assume that one knows all the technical aspects of a situation, and are always willing to clarify and educate as needed, in easy-to-understand terms. Humility is a trait that I respect; on very rare occasions, if we are unable to get an immediate answer to a specific question, we are told that the issue will be researched, with the correct answer forthcoming - this always happens. I would rather get the correct answer later than an incorrect answer earlier.
We have been very impressed with the implementation of the Managed Services Agreement; your company has consistently provided service and support that often exceeds the ‘Service Level’ minimums.The hardware and software advice and quotes that we have received have always proved to be solid. After doing my own due diligence on any purchase decision, it has always been apparent that we have been recommended the best options.Thank you for surrounding yourself with quality professionals; many on your team are considered as true partners in business, so much more than simply another vendor.

Michael G. Crooks
Hanes Supply, Inc.